Ways Of Being Creative With Your Content Marketing Strategy

In today’s day, Content marketing is the most prominent internet marking strategy. And for SEO’s it’s a silver lining. It has so many opportunities to connect with your targeted audience for branding, conversions and to build a trust, etc. We know that the internet is the world of possibility and we have witnessed the rise and fall of so many great technologies, but let’s hope same way it doesn’t happen anytime soon with content marketing.

Let’s have a look on some creative ways of content marketing that can do wonders for business and brands.

Creative Video:
A recent study has shown that the video content is always preferred over the text content. Especially in today’s era when internet is easily accessible like never before. We can stream high quality videos comfortably without any buffer. There are about 65% of internet users watch three-quarter of videos, but they won’t read a single page of text.

It is scientifically proven that watching the video is more convenient than reading text. Video contains less cognitive strain and a person can passively consume much information by putting less energy and efforts.

A video should be creative, thoughtful and contains the necessary amount of humour. You can also create videos with stories to connect your audience.

Video has a great impact over our mind because our brains are programmed to pay attention to the people’s expression, sound and body language. Combining these 3 factors can make any message stronger and easy to process.

Is essential to integrate videos on content marketing strategy.

Be Mobile-Friendly:
It is a waste of an opportunity for you, if you don’t have an optimized mobile website. Till now, I guess every webmasters and website owners who have gone through their analytics have witnessed the visits are coming more from mobile devices as compared to desktops. There are more than 50% of visits are from mobile devices (including smartphone and tablet). Besides this, even smart TV, gaming consoles and many other technologies are used to browse internet.

Observing the visitors mobile visit trend, it is mandatory to make a website mobile friendly. Get to know more about mobile optimization in my previous article.

Be Visually Awesome:
Integrating an image into your content marking strategy can do wonders if people started liking and sharing it to over the popular social networking and image sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, etc. These are some most popular platform which has millions of users, which makes them a great source of getting tremendous amount of referral traffic.

But when it comes to image, it doesn’t only have to be unique but also visually pleasant.

Similar like influencer marketing, there are also many photographers who has a large number of following on social networking sites can help driving traffic to your blog or a website.

User Generated Campaigns:
User-generated content has a great value on internet. More than 85% internet users find user-generated content more influential and trustworthy than the brand-generated content. I have seen several great marketing strategies that involves users generated content. For examples: I recently saw a furniture manufacturer ran a campaign where a customer has to take a photo with a newly brought furniture and share it on the company Facebook page. After few days, the best photos were selected and rewarded.

Well, this is just one simple example of users generated campaigns, you can read more about it on Social Samosa’s social media case studies section.