Sunday, August 24, 2014

How I will see the face of Allah?

You shall see your lord, just as you see this full moon.
The comparison is to the people looking at the moon and the people looking at Allah.

No one will be fighting....
No one will be arguing to see it...
Everyone will be able to see Allah.

What is the greatest blessing of Paradise?

Is not paradise…?

The greatest blessing of Paradise is not the things inside the paradise... Rather the greatest blessing of Paradise is something more than Paradise itself...

Allah says in Qur’an (LIL-LADINA AHSANU WAL HUSNA WA ZIYADA) meaning: those who do good, they shall get AL-HUSNA which is the name of Paradise and WA ZIYADA (they will get more than Paradise...)

What could possibly be more than Paradise?

Our Prophet (SAW) explained this verse and he said, when people of Paradise have entered paradise. Allah will ask them.

OH my servant.... Are you happy? The people of Janna will say, Yes Oh Allah we are...

Allah will say oh my servant is there anything more than you want?

The people of Jannah will say... what could we want more than this Oh Allah?

Have you not caused us to enter this paradise... what more could we want?

Then....The prophet (SAW) SAID.... Allah (SWT) will left the veil and they will look at face and they will not be given anything better and nobler...

Than the looking at the face and this is the (ZIYADA) (more) that Qur'an talks about....

Allah said in Qur'an... You're spending your money FI SABILILLAH (in the sake of Allah - on poor and needy people) to see that face of Allah.

Allah says, you're being good to your relative... in order to see the face of Allah. Allah says, you're being patients... in order to see the face of Allah.

And the Qur'an tell us that when we see the face of Allah... our faces will become bright and shining.

Looking at the face of Allah will be greatest blessing and that face will be describe as " DHUL JALALI WAL IKRAM " The face is described as a face of JALALI and JALALI means... magnificence, honour and IKRAM means nobility.

The face of Allah is the face of Honour & Nobility. Why? Because anybody who sees that face has been honoured beyond anyone else. Anyone who sees that face has given an honour and nobility that no one else has possess and the face of Allah not see it in this world.

Prophet Mosses (HAZRAT MUSA ALAIHIS SALAM) ask to see... But Allah said, you don't have power. That something only in the next life.

After the night journey when prophet (SAW) went up. And he went to a place higher than Angel JIBREEL (Gabriel). JIBREEL took him and said, I cannot go anymore... now you have to go on your own I'm not allowed beyond this point. So the prophet (SAW) went higher than by created being has ever been!

Then he came back down.... Abu Dharr Al Ghifari (RADHIALLAH HU ANHU) ask our prophet (May Allah Be Pleased With Him)..

OH Messenger of Allah...Did you see your Lord?

And our prophet (SAW) replied... There was light everywhere! How could I see him?

What light he is talking about? What is this light? Our prophet (SAW) explain it in another Hadith.

Hadith reported by ABU HURAIRAH in SAHIH MUSLIM as well...

And in it he said....Allah AZ ZA JA WAL has taken a hijab, hijab of light Allah's hijab (a covering) is light

What is that hijab?

You see for us.... The hijab covers the beauty....And it envelops the beauty. For Allah (SWT) the Hijab is self is beauty...And what is covered is beyond imagination....what is covered is beyond what the mind can comprehend...

So our prophet (SAW) said... Allah's Hijab is light. If he were to lift the Hijab.... The rays of light that comes from Allah's face would destroy everything that it sees. The beauty the radiance of Allah (SWT) is so powerful.

The radiance of Allah is so powerful that the creation cannot bear to see it! So when the creation cannot bear to see it! out of mercy for the creation. Allah has veiled himself from us in this world. And what is his veil.... his veil itself is light.

So when our prophet (SAW) went up all the way on the accession of the heavens.

He saw the veil of Allah. So when Abu Dharr (RADHIALLAH HU ANHU) ask prophet (SAW) what did you see? Did you see Allah? He said.... There was the light!


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