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Know Mehyar Khaddour: Starring Khalid ibn Walid in a Series Omar

If you are a fan of Serial colossal Omar - Umar-who formerly played on MNC TV certainly know his face. Yup! Mehyar is actor Khalid bin Walid. One of the companions of the Prophet's famous bruiser, mastered the tactics of war and fame as Saifullah (Sword of Allah).

Khalid Ibn Walid Omar TV Series
Mehyar Syria is also an actor, just like Sameer Ismail, who acted as Omar. Remember? Want to guess how old is he? Mediocre anyway, 30 years. He was born on October 10, 1983. Mehyar graduated from a famous acting school you know, the Syrian High Institute of Dramatic Art. Actingnya debut he started in 2007 in a film called 'Between', go to the other TV series that Zahrat Anrjis in 2008, Al Dawarma in 2009, and Al Ghoufran in 2010, just a lot!

In addition he said he was also active in the theater play, perhaps derived from the father's soul is a poet. You know? Mehyar father was a popular poet Syrians, namely Fayez Khaddour!
Power of Khalid Ibn Walid

Ok, back to the discussion in the series Mehyar Omar. Certainly not an easy role to take on a role as Khalid. Mehyar also confirmed this in an interview. He said that his experience and acted in collaboration with the director - Hatem Ali-- in this series is a special and enjoyable experience. He did a lot of preparation in order to provide the best performance at the same time different from other actors - who was once also had a role as Khalid - One way is to do a little research, read a lot Mahyer. He called "The Jaws of History" as one reference, this book written by dr. Suhail Issawi. Mehyar explained in the book a lot of discussion about the important figures in the history of Islam. There are also other books that discuss in more depth Khalid, better fighting style to detail personality. And it seems that these readings helped Mehyar to further explore the role of Khalid bin Walid. (If clay actingnya in serial Omar, his gaze would like nebas person ONLY! When I see you I think I like this model pretended to faint aja times huh? Uhuk)
Khalid Ibn Walid with Companions

O yes you need to record, because the setting serves as Khalid in battle scenes more. Mehyar also do light physical exercises that do not know. He said doing some exercises such as movements in sport fencing. Ciat-ciat! Use swords so, because it needs no later roles slash-slash scene. So I think have to get used to holding a gun. In addition, he often falls off the horse you know, so do not be surprised when the show host asked if injured while many actors acted. Mehyar with short, dense and sadistic replied "we all get hurt!"

He recalled that scene to Khalid bin Walid 80% takes place in the battle, and war, to scenes that he insisted on doing it himself. You see it he did not use a stuntman? He said he fell from a horse several times, even once in contact with the ax as well. (Omo, maaak .. ax mak!) That's why there are some bruises on his body.

But Mehyar likes horse riding, he never even practiced the technique to fall from hourse (which obviously not something to learn), or how to stand on a horse (wow). Eits, Mehyar skill not only that, he was practicing swordplay with two hands, although it is rather difficult for him playing a sword with his left hand. In an interview he revealed that his ability in the martial arts also contribute to its performance in this role. No wonder se, if you find a picture in Google, plasticity his body very muscular and stocky. And what about the sound in this series? Do Mehyar also suffer the same fate as Sameer Ismail who use voice dubbing? Answer. Not! Mehyar says for shooting they have to move from one place to another, first in Syrians, after it moved to Morocco in Ouarzazate, than went to Marrakech, was recently discharged back again to Syrians. He claimed that the shooting locations is not a nice place to work, there is very hot, plus they are right costume layered (especially war costume, I think in his war shield could fry an egg so hot)
Khalid Ibn Walid Invading

Just as on the role of Sameer Ismail Umar, Mehyar also asked about the 'burden' role as Khalid bin Walid. Where of course the viewer (including me!) Going to continue to monitor and observe the next Mehyar role in the film as well as other series. He said quite firmly that basically he is a selective in choosing roles, usually it will weigh the first script reading. If he felt he had to offer feel about the role he would reject it.

Anyway according viewer should be able to distinguish and understand that the only role of the role, it's acting. So as a Mehyar actor could take on any role. He took the example of Anthony Quinn, who plays' Hamza 'in the film "The Message." In the film he said Anthony acted nice, and when at last he took the role in another film, does not necessarily make an impression in his role as Hamzah previous film being' disrupted '.
Mehyar Khaddour Played Khalid Ibn Walid
Meet Mehyar Khaddour

Asked about the controversy surrounding the making of the serial Omar, Mehyar reveal his opinion. He considers that there is an actual controversy comes from a love of Umar bin Khattab. Counter parties do not agree with this series because of love and respect Umar figure. While those who support the series aired Omar also are people who love and respect Umar. Mehyar said short, so it was only about love, and I think it's a beautiful thing.

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  1. How can a simple man perform the role of such a great and superior person who does uncertain for islamic revolution.

    1. Honey it's not just an actor, it's Mehyar Khaddour!

    2. Honey it's not just an actor, it's Mehyar Khaddour!

  2. Amina: sadakat... I didn't even know him before this but as he performed in this series Wallah he is the best. He performed as khalid bin walled no one else could fulfil as Hazrat khalid role. Great actor.