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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Indian Railways PNR Status Check Has Never Been So Easy

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It is quite comforting to travel via trains. If you have enough time and wish to explore beauty of nature then there is nothing as alluring as travelling via train. If you want to travel and explore the scenic railway route then you need to book ticket. When it come booking, some time we get confirm ticket or waiting list or RAC. Suppose you get a waiting list, the thing that how will you track their current status? I mean, if your waiting list slide down to few number down, how you are going to find out it.
PNR Enquiry
PNR Status and PNR Enquiry

It’s not a hard task, it’s all in your PNR Number. PNR or Passenger Number Record is the unique ten digit number allocated to passengers to check in the information related to railways. The PNR number is printed on the top left of the ticket. One can check in the ticket confirmation and also other details. It all comes under PNR status.

Now you must be wondering where to find these essential details? It is very simple! Go to your nearest railway station! There are number of machines on the railways station that will let you know your PNR status in matter of minutes. One of the simplest methods is to go online and check the status with the Indian Railway’s website or with my preferred on www.GetPNRStatus.co.in.

You guys must be thinking, why this site? First of all, I would like to tell you all, the very first thing attract me was its interface. It’s so amusing compare to other rival websites. As far as, thing concern to resource, you will get beyond your expectation. Unlike others, it’s not only let you check PNR Status of train but also for various major flights. Apart from PNR Enquiry, you can also get check your train schedule, seat availability, flight PNR status etc.
Flight PNR Status
Check Flight PNR Status of most prominent airlines 

Now you can also check the PNR status through the mobile application installed in your android or smart phones. If you are not tech savvy or do not know how to get your PNR status via mobile applications then simply go to the enquiry counter of the railways station and submit your PNR number to the concern person. He will let you know you PNR status in just few minutes. Checking with the status is very important as it keeps you updated with the latest information regarding your ticket booking. PNR Status will tell you whether your train has been cancelled or confirmed. So, don’t forget to check your Railway PNR Status before leaving for the station.

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  1. As i used to travel regularly via train, so i was searching for quickest medium for checking pnr status of my ticket. During the search, i came across your article, your article amazed me, you just nailed it man. Site that you have mentioned, it's interface is so innovative. On digging further, i found this site has more than i expected. Great sharing...