List of 10 Best Free Sites That Allows Content Curation

Surely internet are propagated enough to provide countless numbers of means and ways of content Curation, there are tools and website made to carry such task pretty well. But today I like to share those free sites that are good enough to satisfy all your needs and they are also very popular and easy to use.

Moreover, keep that in mind, some of these site also allows paid service which more options to explore.

Google Alert:
Surely nothing is much faster and reliable than Google Alert. The most popular, simple and easy to use tool. There days every one of us has Gmail account and with that we can subscribe free alter and it will be email to us. We can set up multiple searches and decide if we receive new results that appear via e-mail or through a RSS feed.

It is a web service that acts as a virtually customize desktop, allowing quickly setup a home page containing favorite feeds, text notes, weather, stock exchange, etc. Visually organized flaps or tabs, which each form an aggregate of different modules and movable widgets user defined previously. These modules also act as small windows, whose content is generated through web service or other forms as a new applet.

Google Reader:
It is the most used tool to follow any blog or RSS syndication source equipped. If we have an account of Google we can access our feeds from any computer or mobile device (there are versions of the application for almost any platform). Its functionality can be extended by plugins and extensions for all major browsers.

It is an application that allows you to save content, "notes”, in multiple formats (text, full web pages, extracts therefrom, images, documents, etc.) and archiving. To organize these contents you can create different notebooks where you generate group that contents by any means and can also post comments associated with them. Can run via web through a desktop tool or through equipment moving, always keeping notes synced between all devices. In addition, you can assign each note tag to search. These can do for tags, attributes, or searching for terms. You can always save your favorite searches with a name.

It is the most popular web service for managing social bookmarks, a great tool if you need to classify hundreds of links with its powerful classification system using tags. It also adds a new feature, to form "stacks" (grouping of content by topics based on tags that can demonstrate in a more visual and structured content that users are filtered.
It is a healing tool that lets you create content an online newspaper that contains news collected from different sources which you can choose while setting up your account. It also has a bookmarklet which used during usual navigation to add any news to our topic.

This service is ideal for following a specific subject that can be used both internally for a company to share your interests with our friends in social networks.

It allows you to connect to multiple social networking sites from one place. You can also manage efficiently. Using a single control panel in HootSuite you can schedule updates to be posted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and other social networks through multiple web and mobile platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry).

A curator of social networking content that shows the information in story form. Collects content from various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Flickr. It is an interesting tool to tell a story embedded in our blog.

The "Trendy Topic" of social networks in this 2012, it lets digital content themed ‘boards’ which organizes and share visual content (non-text). In Pinterest can choose only certain types of content, and this distinguishes it from conventional social networks like Facebook or Twitter where we have to take the entire contents of the contacts we decided to go.

The image is accompanied by a corresponding link and serves as a collection of favorite links in visual key. It also has a strong social component as it can contribute with opinions on the "boards" of other users. You can also take content from other boards (which is called " repin " ) and various subscription options as all boards follow a user or only interests you. There is a tracking option via RSS.

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Obviously, these tools would be "sterile" without "them". Clearly, they are the Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+). A good cure of content must have a maximum spread and today for optimal dissemination of social networks need to reach a greater number of followers.

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