Is There Any Way To Overcome WhatsApp Addiction Without Uninstalling?

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging app. It provides an incredible ways of texting friends, family or anyone you want as long as you have their contact numbers. This messaging app has a simple conversational style user-friendly interface. It also has a huge collection of smiley/Emoji, to make conversation more interactive. There are also options for making voice calls, video calls and also sending a recorded voice message along with several other features that keeps on updating over the course of time.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the best smartphone messaging app, but it is also very addictive.

So if you are the one who use much WhatsApp? Let’s find a cure for you. Here’s a few ways you can overcome your addiction:

  • Mute or if possible, exit from groups which are not important
  • Decrease the notification volume. This can also be helpful sometimes, and least you can do
  • Start the habit of keeping yourself away from your smartphone and try to interact more with people around you
  • Find WhatsApp notification setting on your mobile phone and switched it off, completely
  • Then install few games good games and start playing it whenever you feel like chatting it
  • Participate in constructive hobbies like writing, photography, dancing, learning martial arts, singing, etc.
  • You can also have built a habit of coming online less frequently. Like for example, come online in the morning, read the messages, reply only the necessary one’s and go offline. Or besides replying emergency messages on WhatsApp you can directly call the person who had sent you messages
  • Tell your family and close friends that you prefer calling over messaging and insist them to call you in case of any emergency
  • Avoid changing profile and updating status every day
  • Remove WhatsApp shortcut icons from your home page

Sometimes WhatsApp addiction could also lead to some serious psychological problems. If someone is facing it, it’s recommended to completely avoid WhatsApp for 2 to 3 months.

Beware of the myth that this addiction can only affect teenagers, a mature individual can also become obsessive.

According to psychologists, a communication which has no face, strangely can be more effective. A good text can create huge excitement and vice versa an irrational text can depress. The text becomes the sole means of emotion, you can easily hide your actual feeling and trick people.

WhatsApp is a great messaging application and it has nothing to do with all the I have discussed in this post. But it’s an individual responsibility to give a technology to make a positive difference not harm himself.


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  2. Thanks for Stopping by dude!

    I think WhatsApp on Android and iPhone is much fun than Nokia phone. So far in my knowledge no additional Smileys for Nokia phone. But I'll post if any updates will come.

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  5. So i bought Whatsapp on itunes and using a program called iFunbox I installed it on my ipod touch 4g. is not jailbroken or anything. its the real app and it worked before but after i updated it to the lastest version which is 2.6.7 everytime i insert my number it says: "Could not connect to Whatsapp service. Please try again later." And i keep trying, turning off my device, re installing the application but nothing works. Anyone can help me?

  6. Nyc blog....;);)

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