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Friday, November 30, 2012

Hill Climb Is Simple Racing Game for Android

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Google Play Store is full of car games. Some of them are like the new Need for Speed: Most Wanted enjoy a quality that rivals and are able to look face to face to racing titles of major consoles.

However, there are other games that aside frills graphics, aim only entertain basis of simplicity, few buttons and a repetition of actions that increasingly become more complicated. This is the case of Hill Climb Racing, the free game for Android that we show below, which in recent weeks has become one of the most downloaded. This is a simple game require not much of system, much run efficiently to almost all the Android devices.

Hill Climb Racing is an adventure that leads to a crazy red car driving by more dangerous scenarios we've ever seen. Fearsome steep slopes able to terrorize himself Felix Baumgartner, jumps, bumps and other obstacles are we will have to overcome to reach the end of each level. It goes without saying that the game takes on a devilish difficulty overcome as screens, but our car will also undergo some improvements thanks to collect coins along the way. Then we leave the direct link to download free Racing Hill Climb from your smartphone Android.

The story puts us in the shoes of Newton Hill, a young man who loves mountain climbing. The problem is that Newton is not satisfied and never attempt to constantly to be the best, even putting his life in danger. This questionable attitude leads him to the highest mountains in the world and even to the very moon. Hill Climb Racing is raised with 2D side view and aims can be summarized in completing levels without running out of gas or break your neck trying. And it is very likely that your car overturned on more than one occasion, and can hear the shattering crunch of the neck of Newton to the ground. In that case, as expected, the game is over.

Among the five different stages of making up the total levels of Hill Climb Racing, passing through four unique environments in which we can earn bonuses doing tricks and stunts to reach great heights. As the levels become more complicated, it will be vital to improve our car, for it can redeem the coins collected by more powerful engines, turbo, a new suspension and special wheels for 4 × 4. Note that although Hill Climb Racing was created so that our protagonist conduces just a vehicle, in the latest game updates have added the ability to drive a motorcycle moto-cross, so to some extent increases the reliability and fun options.

So, I leave you with the below link to Google Play where you can download Racing Hill Climb...

Download Hill Climb.


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