Friday, October 19, 2012

Innocence of Muslims Movie 2012 Conspiracy Revealed

Today I like to discuss a topic which puts the entire world in to great chaos and anarchy. Muslims from all over the world are in distress and anger. Thousands and lacks of Muslims from all over the world protested against this movie (Innocence of Muslims 2012). India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan along with those countries which were not in to too much of protest such as Egypt and other Muslim countries like Marrakech, African countries like Libya, along with many Muslims countries were also participated in this protested.

This is not the first time when “Devils Attorney” tried to strike down the most properly practised religion that believes in only one God. But this movie “Innocence of Muslims” crossed all the bounders of respect, tolerance and behavior, the level of abuse and insanity that shown in this movie is cannot be described by any Muslim, even if a Muslim dare’s to image such obscenity, he will no longer be Muslim.

Note: Abusing Prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) even in your imagination will take away your ‘Iman’ (Religion)

This movie is based on false Satanic assumption to doctrine the evils and to attract the misguided minds. If you are a true Muslims I bet you cannot stand watching this movie in more than a second. I haven’t watched this movie and never will but somehow from external source I get the hind including some points of insult which burns my soul. Cultures are dead, light is turning in to darkness and hearts are stoned because people are started abusing the savior of humanity Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him)

Note: First they encourage such evil activity and when the natural calamities falls upon us, they doctrine as through movies and different sort of mediums that God left this earth Long ago. What a pathetic attempt.

Since around 2 to 3 hundred years the conspiracy of insulting Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) has become quite often. The idea behind such conspiracy is to remove the respect and importance of our beloved Prophet who taught as everything right from spiritual believes to living as most civilized common man, equality and women rights. They don’t want non-Muslims attracting toward the last and final Prophet, on other hand they are making sure that so called “Moderate” Muslims" should never understand the importance of Prophet.

Innocence of Muslims Conspiracy

Note: The idea is that people should stop considering Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) A Messenger of Allah (GOD), beyond that they should even stop considering him a great human.

The Evil powers have realized that Muslims cannot be defeated in Battlefield, so they build another tactics which is more like war on belief. Their intention is to remove religion called “Islam” from the face of this earth. But to do that, primarily they need to remove the love of Prophet. Why? Majority of human race believes in one God but considering one God doesn’t makes you Muslim, allthough,with one God it is relatively important to believe in Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) the last and final Messenger.

Zionist are pretty much sure that no matter how much hardship Muslims will face but as long as the love and believe in Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) is there in their hearts, they cannot be defeated, they will rise and they kept on rising. Their New World Order” (Secular World Agenda) will never be fulfill and human race will never become slave of their own needs and desire.

There was a time when respect of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was so high that companions (Sahabas) wouldn’t bear falling their Prophet Wudu(Islamic method of cleaning hands, face and foot before performing player) water in the ground, they usually took those waters and put them on their eyes and face. For them those drops of water that wipes our Prophet beautiful face, hands and foot are not worthy to drop on ground, they usually take those drops and put it them in to their eyes and face considering it blessing. These are the love and affection towards the Prophet that make them victorious and more than half of the world was under Islamic rule.

Note: Love of Prophet is the secret of Muslims success because Allah says that either you go to heaven or hell, it depends on the one you love. Moreover, we habitat to try to be like the one we admire most. And if we are admiring Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) surely our every act will be obedient to Allah. Note: Most of the non-Believers think that Islam is all about going to heaven but I’ll cover this topic in my next article. (Insa-Allah)

There are many Civilization, Kingdom and Culture vanished from the face of this earth but Islam is the only religion which still in good shape, including all the culture, thoughts and believe. After so much of Evil attempt to vanish this religion are failed. History is testifying thousands of Muslims Massacre. Muslims are always abused and killed in the name of religion but they kept on multiplying and their morale kept on boosting.

Note: You kept on protecting endangers species but still when their time comes they extinct because you are making effort to protect them, think about Muslims when you cutting them down in intention to vanish them but they kept on growing in much better rate because it’s a will of LORD and he is protecting them.

What Muslim Can Tolerate:

  • Muslims can tolerate if someone burns their entire town, city or country
  • Muslims can tolerate if someone burns their children, family and love ones
  • Muslims can tolerate if someone denies the existence of God
  • Muslims can tolerate of someone chop him off (cut in to pieces)

But Muslim cannot tolerate insult of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him)

I’m ending this article here…

This is just a brief introduction of entire video that I watched, the idea of this article is inspired from this Video of Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi .


  1. This is great information dude, being a Muslim we should stand stall and strong. Muslims were example of greatness and now we need to revive our past and make future ours. Anyone who insult our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) may Allah give him sever death.

  2. Masha'Allah! Very nice article! May Allah help you and increase you in knowledge. Aameen!

  3. Thanks dude, it's just simple as what I learn I share. Sometimes reality is too simple to understand and It usually skip by on 8 hrs shift and (entertainment) television when back to home. It's very hard to spend some thoughtful movements.

  4. I have read various article in this regard but none of them have explained in such way. You really posses the deep knowledge and understanding. By the thank for sharing and unveiling this conspiracy through you article.

  5. Thanks Dude! the intention is to spread and let Muslim and Non-Muslim have better understanding of Prophet.

  6. They'll never stop trying their evil deeds against Islam, but they'll never succeed. Allah Has already made it clear in the Quran long time ago. Big up for such an important piece of article, pal.

  7. Insha Allah, Surely they will never succeed, Being Muslim We'll stand strong, stand together..

  8. Indeed, even the words like charming and intriguing can't do full equity with regards to depicting this blog.
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