WhatsApp: The Addicted Messenger Is Property of Social Media Addiction Facebook

We all aware of the great addiction of WhatsApp on messaging world and overcoming web spot and the most influential Social Media Site called “Facebook are allies.Find out more...

Meet Ather S340, Electric Scooter, Charge Faster Than Smartphone

The petrol rates have always been a huge concern in India. Every now and then, few rupees of petrol hike disturb the entire business and sometimes, surprisingly, it becomes a political issue. It also effects to those who drives or rides their way to the office. In crowded cities like Mumbai, standing in queue for petrol is a great pain & waste of time. In some towns in India, we have only one petrol pump which closes around 10 or 10:30 and adds up another worry of saving few liters for the evening.

I still miss the old, classic “Rajdhoot” which featured to ride perfectly on kerosene. But thanks to the science of electricity, and the techies like Tarun Mehta & Swapnil, who created an eco-designed electric scooter, The Ather S340 – geeked up to charge faster than smartphone. This innovative electric scooter can reach the speed of 70 km-per-hour and battery can go on up to 50,000 kilometers once charged, which hardly takes an hour for a battery toarged.

Mehta, one of the creators says that, our battery can go about 50,000 kilometers, which can be easily last 5 to 6 years once it is fully charged. Furthermore, it has well-featured dashboard, which includes a touch screen interface, the option to connect with android devices and more. The Ather S340 is expected to hit the market in 2016, and the company speculated it sales over one million units by 2020.

I am really excited to ride this eco-friendly babe. Such innovation is always well-come, because we have started facing the enormous climatic change, global. An initiative for the environment will save the future of our mother earth. And we should always appreciate & support such creative thinking…!
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WhatsApp’s Alternative – Smartphone Messengers That You Must Try

The best part of using WhatsApp, and I guess most of us noticed; is that it doesn’t push us to create an account to use it. Just a phone number verification is more than enough to make it work like a charm. Moreover, it is light and snappy, doesn’t require any high end or even a mid-range smartphone. An average, cheapest one with half gigabytes of RAM can also do wonders with this App.

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After the success of WhatsApp there are many App developed and still developing, attempting to be more user-friendly, innovative, intuitive, easy and with more attractive Smileys and Emoticons. But the bottom line is that WhatsApp has outplayed long before.

However, the other few competitive Smartphone Messengers, which I would recommend trying.
So, let’s check it out why we should try these messaging Apps even if we got WhatsApp installed and running on our devices.

Hike Messenger for Smartphones

Based on my messaging experience, I believe that Hike is the best after WhatsApp because it offers very interesting stickers, smileys or emoticons; whatever you say. This App is recommended for you, especially if you are an Indian because it has Bollywood smileys, Indian politician smileys and more. I always prefer chatting on Hike due to the fact that I like changing chat’s background, with different users while I am chatting, sometimes it also does a good job when you want to irritate someone. For example, if you are chatting with your friends, you can simply choose a background that has to do something with friendship, once you will change, it will also reflect on your friend’s chat interface. Similarly, there are other backgrounds preinstalled like Romantic, Sports and others.

My recommendation: Play with stickers, smileys and use free offline messaging.

The other one is Viber Messaging App

I use Viber and I have never removed it since the day I had installed it. The best part of Viber is that you can install it on your PC or Laptop and sent messages and stickers to Smartphone users. It offers great multi-device experience. They’ve sticker market where you can buy new stickers which are very attractive. If you are using Viber from PC and Viber from Smartphone, you will experience that the collection of stickers is different. Which is also interesting for surprising your friends with new stickers by pinging them from the computer. However, if they end up too curious, there’s an option to purchase any stickers you want.

My recommendation: Use it for cross device messaging, play with stickers and enjoy free voice call from one smartphone to another.

If you’ve never heard of KakaoTalk, I’d suggest you to keep reading. This one is also a very useful messaging app which is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry (Blackberry-RIM is not supported). It’s a free App which has features such as bookmark and organize your friends in quite unique ways, not so common among Android Messengers. Finding friends with names makes really easy to connect and you can also download, export or email your friends list so that your contacts are safe and shared.
The interface is very simple and luckily quite similar to WhatsApp here the advantage of making free calls adds up much temptation. The IM and overall looks and feel are a bit more attractive; ther

e are eye popping colors, better profiles picture and nice fonts.

My recommendation: This is free App and available for all Smartphone Platforms

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How You Can Earn Through Web Domain Parking?

All investors look for a business design or perhaps an investment vehicle that provides regular residual earnings with minimal attention. Looking can really finish with web domain parking, as domain title speculation or domaining is really a business or investment vehicle that may be the right solution for the search. But it doesn't mean that domaining is simple. There's lots of footwork needed to be effective within this area. You have to invest considerable time, money and energy within the early stages when you investigate the domain names that you're planning to purchase. For your, you need to know the way the web world works.

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WhatsApp: The Addicted Messenger Is Property of Social Media Addiction Facebook

Weary of noisy social networking sites full of regular updates in the most remote acquaintances, huge numbers of people have switched for their smartphone address books - and also the diverse variety of texting services that depend in it, like Snapchat, Secret, Kik and WhatsApp - for additional intimate social connections. The stampede toward individual’s texting services has Plastic Valley’s titans scrambling to trap up.
Facebook Owned WhatsApp

Having the ability to make use of this address-book texting is really a primary reason Facebook made the decision that WhatsApp, typically the most popular of those services, was worth around $19 billion. In purchasing WhatsApp now, Facebook is betting that the way forward for social media will be based not only on broadcasting towards the public but the capability to rapidly and effectively talk with your family and nearest confidants - individuals people you care enough going to get their amounts saved in your smartphone.
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Home Improvement Free DIY Smartphone Apps

Whether you’re enhancing your house via a couple of changes or you’re planning for a major restoration project allowing the perfect home could be a struggle. However, making the job simpler is simply by installing a couple of Applications. Although these programs cannot make your house for you, but they are able to help with its creation and then that they'll also help with its design.

Listed here are a couple of good examples of programs that are offered that you should download and will make a substantial impact on the look, adjustment and creation of your house.
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