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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Ways Of Being Creative With Your Content Marketing Strategy

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In today’s day, Content marketing is the most prominent internet marking strategy in. And for SEO’s it’s a silver lining. It has so many opportunities to connect with your targeted audience for branding, conversions and to build a trust, etc. We know that the internet is the world of possibility and we have witnessed the rise and fall of so many great technologies, but let’s hope same way it doesn’t happen anytime soon with content marketing.

Let’s have a look on some creative ways of content marketing that can do wonders for business and brands.

Creative Video:
A recent study has shown that the video content is always preferred over the text content. Especially in today’s ear when internet is easily accessible like never before. We can stream high quality videos comfortably without any buffer. There are about 65% of internet users watch three-quarter of videos, but they won’t read a single page of text.

It is scientifically proven that watching the video is more convenient than reading text. Video contains less cognitive strain and a person can passively consume much information by putting less energy and efforts.

A video should be creative, thoughtful and contains the necessary amount of humour. You can also create videos with stories to connect your audience.

Video has a great impact over our mind because our brains are programmed to pay attention to the people’s expression, sound and body language. Combining these 3 factors can make any message stronger and easy to process.

Is essential to integrate videos on content marketing strategy.

Be Mobile-Friendly:
It is a waste of an opportunity for you, if you don’t have an optimized mobile website. Till now, I guess every webmasters and website owners who have gone through their analytics have witnessed the visits are coming more from mobile devices as compared to desktops. There are more than 50% of visits are from mobile devices (including smartphone and tablet). Besides this, even smart TV, gaming consoles and many other technologies are used to browse internet.

Observing the visitors mobile visit trend, it is mandatory to make a website mobile friendly. Get to know more about mobile optimization in my previous article.

Be Visually Awesome:
Integrating an image into your content marking strategy can do wonders if people started liking and sharing it to over the popular social networking and image sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, etc. These are some most popular platform which has millions of users, which makes them a great source of getting tremendous amount of referral traffic.

But when it comes to image, it doesn’t only have to be unique but also visually pleasant.

Similar like influencer marketing, there are also many photographers who has a large number of following on social networking sites can help driving traffic to your blog or a website.

User Generated Campaigns:
User-generated content has a great value on internet. More than 85% internet users find user-generated content more influential and trustworthy than the brand-generated content. I have seen several great marketing strategies that involves users generated content. For examples: I recently saw a furniture manufacturer ran a campaign where a customer has to take a photo with a newly brought furniture and share it on the company Facebook page. After few days, the best photos were selected and rewarded.

Well, this is just one simple example of users generated campaigns, you can read more about it on Social Samosa’s social media case studies section.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sick And Tired Of Doing Mobile Optimization The Old Way? Read This…

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Gone are the days when mobile phones were only used for calls and SMS. Nowadays, even a street sweeper uses a smartphone for his daily communication needs. Besides calls and SMS, internet is something that is used more rapidly from different mediums such as PC, mobile, tablet, smartwatch, smart TV, gaming console and many other types of gadgets or devices.

The recent studies have discovered that the use of internet on mobile devices has overcome the desktop. Seeing the mobile trend, Google is also committed to provide the best mobile search experience by rolling out a couple of important mobile algorithm updates such as Mobilegeddon in 22-April-2015 and Mobile-friendly 2 in 12-May-2016.

Some recent examples of Google’s enhanced mobile searches are mobile-friendly tag and rich cards.

The mobile-friendly tag informs users that the website is fully optimized for mobile devices and rich cards is a card style layout in SERP for few queries which looks very attractive and informing. Rich cards are available only for the few searches like movies, recipes and local restaurants. In the future, we can expect it to integrate in more search results.

We can say that Google is just getting started. The future of Google Mobile search will be much more organized, engaging and enhanced.

There are few basic points of mobile optimization that I have covered below. Stay calm and Keep reading...

Page Speed: Today, page speed plays even more important role, having the fast internet options like Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G spoils the habit of users to wait a little longer for a website to open. The research has proven that an average user can abandon a site if it is taken more than 5 seconds to load on mobile devices. An optimized mobile-friendly design is the only option here that allows users to access websites quickly in a few seconds, even if the internet speed is relatively slow. There are several ways to improve your mobile page speed, a few are listed below: Minimize your mobile site server response time Minimize your mobile site redirects Make the above-the-fold content load first than below-the-fold-content Make sure to organize Jscript in bottom & CSS on top of HTML files Optimize and minify CSS and JS files

Test your website in Google’s mobile testing tool.

User Experience: To provide an excellent user experience to a mobile site; it is necessary to keep it clean to make it look trustworthy by avoiding popups, keeping the layout perfectly aligned, choose the correct font size to make it readable without even need of zooming in and out. Capturing visitor’s attention on mobile devices has always been a challenge due to the fact that the mobile searches happen on the go. If a visitor manages to access your site successfully, then there will be higher changes to convert that visitor into a customer.

Mobile SEO: SEO on mobile devices could be a bit tricky because here we are dealing with lesser screen space. You can show your best work in SERP by being concise and clear - without compromising the quality of your information. Your mobile site URL Structure, Meta title tag, description tags and text content should well optimize for a mobile viewing.

The mobile SEO also has option for Structure Data Markup (Schema.org), optimizing your mobile site for local search, (includes standardizing organisation details such as name, phone numbers, address, etc.). and site configuration. Let’s have a detail look on site configuration, because it is more important.

Essentially, there are 3 types of mobile site configurations such as Responsive Designs, Dynamic Serving and Separate URLs. These configuration has their own pros and cons, you can choose it depending upon your site suitability and strategy.

Responsive Design: in this configuration, the HTML code will be same for desktop as well as mobile website. You don’t have to deal with the burden of creating and managing two websites for different platform. Since it has one HTML code, it will be easy to maintain with advantage of authority consolidation. Hence, the same URL will be used in desktop as well as mobile site.

Apart from advantages, the responsive design has a drawback of limited offering. It means that we offering customise experience for mobile users is not possible. Since we are aware that mobile users approach is quite different than desktop users. It always good to have different strategy for mobile users such as targeting different keywords.

Dynamic Serving: in this configuration, URLs are same URL for both mobile and desktop but the HTML codes are different. It has the advantage of authority consolidation and also no duplicate content issues. However, it has the disadvantage of maintaining two separate HTML file for desktop as well as mobile devices.

Separate Mobile Website: It has an advantage of custom offering, which means you can target your mobile users in the best possible ways by presenting them a complete new strategically designed mobile website to enhance their user experience.

I hope you find this article helpful, if you do, please don’t forget to share and comment.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Meet Ather S340, Electric Scooter, Charge Faster Than Smartphone

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The petrol rates have always been a huge concern in India. Every now and then, few rupees of petrol hike disturb the entire business and sometimes, surprisingly, it becomes a political issue. It also effects to those who drives or rides their way to the office. In crowded cities like Mumbai, standing in queue for petrol is a great pain & waste of time. In some towns in India, we have only one petrol pump which closes around 10 or 10:30 and adds up another worry of saving few liters for the evening.

I still miss the old, classic “Rajdhoot” which featured to ride perfectly on kerosene. But thanks to the science of electricity, and the techies like Tarun Mehta & Swapnil, who created an eco-designed electric scooter, The Ather S340 – geeked up to charge faster than smartphone. This innovative electric scooter can reach the speed of 70 km-per-hour and battery can go on up to 50,000 kilometers once charged, which hardly takes an hour for a battery toarged.

Mehta, one of the creators says that, our battery can go about 50,000 kilometers, which can be easily last 5 to 6 years once it is fully charged. Furthermore, it has well-featured dashboard, which includes a touch screen interface, the option to connect with android devices and more. The Ather S340 is expected to hit the market in 2016, and the company speculated it sales over one million units by 2020.

I am really excited to ride this eco-friendly babe. Such innovation is always well-come, because we have started facing the enormous climatic change, global. An initiative for the environment will save the future of our mother earth. And we should always appreciate & support such creative thinking…!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

WhatsApp Alternative – Smartphone Messengers That You Must Try

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The best part of using WhatsApp, and I guess most of us noticed; is that it doesn’t push us to create an account to use it. Just a phone number verification is more than enough to make it work like a charm. Moreover, it is light and snappy, doesn’t require any high end or even a mid-range smartphone. An average, cheapest one with half gigabytes of RAM can also do wonders with this App.

Read:  How to Overcome WhatsApp Addiction

After the success of WhatsApp there are many App developed and still developing, attempting to be more user-friendly, innovative, intuitive, easy and with more attractive Smileys and Emoticons. But the bottom line is that WhatsApp has outplayed long before.

However, the other few competitive Smartphone Messengers, which I would recommend trying.
So, let’s check it out why we should try these messaging Apps even if we got WhatsApp installed and running on our devices.

Hike Messenger for Smartphones

Based on my messaging experience, I believe that Hike is the best after WhatsApp because it offers very interesting stickers, smileys or emoticons; whatever you say. This App is recommended for you, especially if you are an Indian because it has Bollywood smileys, Indian politician smileys and more. I always prefer chatting on Hike due to the fact that I like changing chat’s background, with different users while I am chatting, sometimes it also does a good job when you want to irritate someone. For example, if you are chatting with your friends, you can simply choose a background that has to do something with friendship, once you will change, it will also reflect on your friend’s chat interface. Similarly, there are other backgrounds preinstalled like Romantic, Sports and others.

My recommendation: Play with stickers, smileys and use free offline messaging.

The other one is Viber Messaging App

I use Viber and I have never removed it since the day I had installed it. The best part of Viber is that you can install it on your PC or Laptop and sent messages and stickers to Smartphone users. It offers great multi-device experience. They’ve sticker market where you can buy new stickers which are very attractive. If you are using Viber from PC and Viber from Smartphone, you will experience that the collection of stickers is different. Which is also interesting for surprising your friends with new stickers by pinging them from the computer. However, if they end up too curious, there’s an option to purchase any stickers you want.

My recommendation: Use it for cross device messaging, play with stickers and enjoy free voice call from one smartphone to another.

If you’ve never heard of KakaoTalk, I’d suggest you to keep reading. This one is also a very useful messaging app which is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry (Blackberry-RIM is not supported). It’s a free App which has features such as bookmark and organize your friends in quite unique ways, not so common among Android Messengers. Finding friends with names makes really easy to connect and you can also download, export or email your friends list so that your contacts are safe and shared.
The interface is very simple and luckily quite similar to WhatsApp here the advantage of making free calls adds up much temptation. The IM and overall looks and feel are a bit more attractive; ther

e are eye popping colors, better profiles picture and nice fonts.

My recommendation: This is free App and available for all Smartphone Platforms

If you find this post informative, like, share and spread the knowledge!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How You Can Earn Through Web Domain Parking?

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All investors look for a business design or perhaps an investment vehicle that provides regular residual earnings with minimal attention. Looking can really finish with web domain parking, as domain title speculation or domaining is really a business or investment vehicle that may be the right solution for the search. But it doesn't mean that domaining is simple. There's lots of footwork needed to be effective within this area. You have to invest considerable time, money and energy within the early stages when you investigate the domain names that you're planning to purchase. For your, you need to know the way the web world works.

The initial step towards it's understanding the phrase domaining or webdomain parking. Domaining or web domain parking is the process of purchasing domains considering it an investment. It's just like the idea of real estate business. Like different bits of land have different rates, similarly different domain names have different rates. You will find many factors involved with determining the intrinsic value or even the rate of the domain title, similar to their location and amount of development. Whenever you discuss the place, this means their visibility within the web world. Shorter and much more identifiable domains possess the best locations and therefore are more costly.

If you're planning to go in the domaining or even the web domain parking business, you need to realize the truth that typically the most popular domain names happen to be grabbed. So, if you're planning to purchase an invaluable or popular domain, you will want to spend out a lot of money as the energy production. If you're not prepared to make such large opportunities within the initial stage, then apply for speculative names or names with misguided extensions which are still available and are available in a relatively lower rate. Using the fast alterations in trends and technological advances, you will find many new names that have lots of potential are available.

But exactly how should we monetize a web domain. You will find two methods for you to develop your personal website on the new domain or get it done around the domain names that already exist. Let's concentrate on the problem in hands - that's making money with a website title that already is available.

One way of selling existing domain names is as simple as parking the domain names. Specific visitors are worth money in the realm of the net. Specific visitors are the site visitors or customers who are curious about a particular subject. In case your domain title will get traffic or viewership, you can generate money from those visitors by parking your domain names having a web domain parking service. You will find various kinds of such services available. All that you should do is register your bank account free of charge and point your domain towards the DNS server. It'll place a simple one-page website in your domain which has links to marketers and knowledge in line with the key phrases and groups which are connected together with your domain. Each time a customer follows these links, you share an element of the revenue that's produced in the web domain parking services.